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Jo Elle is a singer and songwriter living in Switzerland and started singing when she was 12 years old. She studied at the music school that belonged to her father and was pretty soon singing all different styles of music with various bands. However, for more than 10 years now her heart has belonged to reggae music which is where her heart beats the most.

In August 2015, Jo Elle released her debut album 'Comfort Zone', which entered at number #55 on the official Swiss Hit Parade. Then in early 2016 she released the dancehall track 'Shimmy Shimmy Ya', an energetic remake of the ODB classic - in collaboration with the producer & keyboardist Mikey Board. Other collaborations soon followed such as 'I Weiss' with Collie Herb (summer 2016). For her last release Jo Elle teamed up with DJ Max RubaDub, whose creative remixes are loved throughout Europe. The result is new EP 'Comfort Zone' featuring five new remixed versions of her own songs.

Jo Elle`s music is diverse with lots of character and full of surprises. Sometimes the melodies spring up from Reggae-Riddims and other times we dive deep into the emotional world of the singer. She can become the energetic live performer who's able to let the stage burn. Since 2017 she`s live backed by the Reggae Band The Mighty Roots.